Sunday, September 23, 2012

Expressing Oneself - Huh?

I never understood the phrase "expressing oneself" through an artform, until just recently.

But I think I have an idea now.

Dancing is like any other form of communication, like a second language. When learning the basics, one does nothing more than communicate, 'I am capable of doing the basics.' But as understanding of the language increase, so does one's ability to express themselves more clearly in the language.

And it is appreciated more by those who can understand the language. Maybe this is why the "Dancing With the Stars" phrase comes off a bit insulting? Not out of elitism (well, maybe a bit), but from the part of us that wants to be known and understood. Nothing wrong with the show - just dancers with very different intentions than us outside of professional showbiz.

Maybe that's why I like International Waltz so much. If you've hung out with me, you know my voice and overall demeanor reflect "Jive".

Perhaps I have a hard time expressing "Waltz" in English?