Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starting Out...


So, I'm just now starting my first real blog. In case you didn't notice, this is going to be a blog about


I've technically been ballroom dancing for about 4 years, the first two being entirely social, last year being mildly competitive (but only in a recreational sense). Only this year (2011) did I truly start taking it "seriously." I've spent a lot of time (and $) travelling all over the Midwest (and then some) to get better at this, You see, Grand Rapids lacks a strong ballroom presence - if you want to find good coaching, you need to travel.

So I do. Chicago, Ann Arbor, Washington DC - if you want to learn it, you gotta keep on the move. Oh well. I hope it pays off!

If you ever happen to be in Grand Rapids, email me at - we'll meet up at Moveir Dance Studio (my favorite in the area) and dance for a bit!

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