Friday, January 24, 2014

The State of Amateur Ballroom in America

Well, the United States of America, but that doesn't sound as catchy.

After hours and hours of web scraping, normalizing, and analyzing the 2 larges dancesport mark websites in America, I have compiled a list of fun facts about Ballroom Dancing in the US that you don't normally see from registration sheets alone. I hope you enjoy!

And seriously, this took a TON of work. PLEASE share this blog post if you found anything informative or fascinating :) thank you!

and no, you can't have access to the data


  1. This is amazing! I love that you take the time to do this for all of us!

  2. Cloud, can you specify which two databases you pulled the marks from, and whether these tend to be USA Dance or NDCA? Curious how that factors in. Thanks for all your hard work - very impressive!

    1. He specifies at the bottom of the graphic -- and o2cm ranges across USAD and NDCA, and zsconcepts is mostly collegiate.

  3. Awesome! I posted a link on my Facebook page and to Bill Sparks! Who knew he was so accurate!

  4. This is beautiful. You explain things so cleverly and simply and I appreciate that you are not condescending.

  5. Very interesting and informative. Thanks.

  6. I use to take ballroom dance lessons all the time, and I think that it is due time that I started taking them again. This is something that I really enjoy and love to do, so why not continue to do it? It was a great stress reliever for me and it made me more happy on the days that I was dancing. Ballroom dancing has been something that has been a big part of my life and I can't wait to start doing it once again.

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  8. Look at my blog responding to this post

  9. I've tried ballroom before, it's kinda hard but I find it as an accomplishment once I learn the steps. Been doing a lot of dance classes Phoenix lately.


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