Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ballroom and Disney

  Yeah, we all grew up with Disney. So, if you're looking for an a few fan-serves at your next social (or perhaps a theme for a party), here you go - a list of ballroom songs by Disney!

 Feel free to comment with any additional suggestions

Monsters, Inc - Theme Song - Quickstep
Little Mermaid - Under the Sea - Mambo/Salsa
Little Mermaid - Kiss the Girl - Am Rumba
Emperor's New Groove - Run Llama Run - Quickstep
Aladdin - Arabian Nights - Tango
Aladdin - Come to the Supermarket (Stage Show) - Quickstep
Aladdin - Friend Like Me - Quickstep/Samba
Aladdin - Prince Ali - Quickstep/Samba
Aladdin - Whole New World - Rumba
Aladdin - One Jump - Quickstep
Mulan - I'll Make a Man Out of You - Paso Doble
Toy Story - You've Got a Friend in Me - Foxtrot
Toy Story 3 - You've Got a Friend in Me - Paso Doble
Oliver and Company - Why Should I Worry - Jive
Mickey Mouse Club - Theme Song - Tango
Sleeping Beauty - Once Upon a Dream - V Waltz
Lion King - Just Can't Wait to be King - Quickstep/Samba
Lion King - Hakuna Matata - Quickstep
Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Rumba
Tarzan - Strangers Like Me - Rumba
Tarzan - You'll Be In My Hear - Rumba
Tarzan - Trashin the Camp - East Coast Swing
101 Dalmatians - Cruella DeVille - Foxtrot
Mary Poppins - Chim Chimney - V Waltz
Duck Tales - Theme - Jive
Tail Spin - Theme - Samba
Beauty and the Beast - Gaston - V Waltz
Beauty and the Beast - Belle - Tango
Snow White - Someday My Prince Will Come - V Waltz
Snow White - Silly Song - Polka
Hercules - Zero to Hero - Jive
Hercules - I Won't Say I'm in Love - Chacha/West Coast
Lady and the Tramp - He's a Tramp - Foxtrot
Lady and the Tramp - Bella Notte - V Waltz
Jungle Book - I Wanna Be Like You - Quickstep
Jungle Book - Bare Necessities - Quickstep
Pinocchio - Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee - Polka
Parent Trap - Let's Get Together - East Coast Swing
Aristocats - Everybody Wants to be a Cat - Foxtrot/(Quickstep)
Aristocats - Thomas O'Malley - Foxtrot
Finding Nemo - Theme - Waltz
Cinderella - So This is Love - Waltz

Hunchback of Notre Dame - God Save the Outcasts - Waltz
Mulan - True to Your Heart (Credits) - ChaCha
Disneyland? - The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room - Mambo/Salsa
Tangled - When Will My Life Begin - West Coast Swing/ChaCha
Princess and the Frog - Dig a Little Deeper - Quickstep
Princess and the Frog - Almost There - East Coast Swing
Ratatouille - Le Festin - V Waltz

Oh, and the award for Most Dance-able movie goes to:
Nightmare Before Christmas
 - Jack's Obsession (Something's Up With Jack) - V Waltz
 - Oogie Boogie's Song - Foxtrot
 - What's This - Tango
 - Kindap the Sandy Claws - Tango
 - This Is Halloween - Samba
 - Jack and Sally's Song - Bolero

ALSO, TECHNICALLY, since Star Wars is now owned by Disney:
The Cantina Song - Quickstep
Imperial March - Tango
Duel of the Fates - Paso Doble
Main Theme - Tango

EDIT: See the related Judging Dance in Disney Films post!


  1. Lion King - Lion Sleeps Tonight (Swing)
    Lion King - Circle of Life (Bolero, or really dayum slow samba)
    Lady and the Tramp - The Siamese Cat Song (a terrible rumba)
    Shrek (is that disney?) - Livin' La Vida Loca (jive)

  2. Helen: Shrek is a DreamWorks movie, not Disney :)

    Great list! A small addition: Little Patch of Heaven from Home on the Range (quickstep)

    Song suggestions from Corpse Bride would be very much appreciated.

  3. You know, Under The Sea was played at the UK Open some years ago. As a samba. Pro Latin Finals 2005, I think. I hated it.

  4. Corpse Bride:
    ~Remains of the Day: Foxtrot to Quickstep
    ~Victor's Piano Solo: V-Waltz
    ~Piano Duet: Long intro, but eventually V-Waltz
    ~New Arrival: Short, but Quickstep

  5. I'm looking for an Argentine Tango to something from Star Wars. Any suggestions?

  6. What ballroom dance would be appropriate for Tangled's I See The Light? It's for a first dance at my wedding.
    Thanks :)

    1. Great choice :)
      I'd go with American Rumba

  7. What style of ballroom dance would work with The Corrs' "Looking Through Your Eyes"? It's from Quest for Camelot! Not a Disney movie, but still wonderful :) Thanks!

  8. I would recommend International Rumba once the singers begin. It's 4/4 and very sweet sounding.

  9. hello what would enchantedsay "so close" be

  10. THank you for all of this. I'm teaching an American Rumba and also Beauty & Beast Waltz in Palo Alto next week at a big venue, on "Disney" theme night so really needed this. My biggest problem is that the waltz is done to "Tale as Old as Time" which is not 3/4 but 4/4 music so I appreciate advice for how best to teach a waltz to 4/4 music without confusing beginning waltz students! teach it in 8-counts and just adding in extra 2 steps on the "7-8" count? Thanks

  11. p.s. upon reviewing it again, there are a lot of complex syncopations in it, but I've realized if I keep a strong 2-count, I can count it all the way through as a waltz. The first part is very slow with all the walking and bowing, but right after the bowing it speeds up and becomes a stronger waltz rhythm. I noticed the singing is very overlapped with the measures, the downbeat is on the last word of the phrases, so that confused me, but my key is just keeping track of the pulse of the music and then it all fits. and remains a waltz without confusing my beginning students...

    1. This is being said super late but "Tale as Old as Time" is actually a Rumba, and I would just dance Am. Rumba to it. It's frustrating because in the movie they dance a V Waltz and most people think it's a Waltz, but a Rumba could be easily made to look like a Waltz to anyone who didn't know better. :-)

  12. This is fantastic guys, thank you all!

  13. What dance would you do for Can This Moment Last Forever?